Train is a critically acclaimed and award-winning game. Train explores complicity within systems. It also asks two questions, “Will people blindly follow the rules?” and “Will people stand by and watch?”

Each turn you roll a die and either add that many passengers to your train car, or move your train car that many spaces forward. The objective is to deliver passengers to a series of locations, the names of which are printed on “terminus” cards. Event cards can be played to speed your car forward, switch tracks, block other people’s forward progress, take over other players’ cars, or derail a train car.

Each time players reach the end of the track with a load of passengers, the terminus card is flipped over for that track, and the destination is revealed as a concentration camp (Auschwitz, for example).

The end of the game is left intentionally ambiguous: “Train is over when it ends. »

The designer has stated that the rules to her game are « deliberately ambiguous » and that there are « multiple winning conditions » which are not revealed to players and have not been made publicly available.

Created by: Brenda Romero

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