What is Hearts & Clubs?

Hearts & Clubs is a website documenting what I like to call “engaged games” (literal translation of the French « jeux engagés »). It only focuses on physical games (card games, board games, outdoor games…) and is meant to be a resource for discussion.  Most of the game images and text is copy-pasted from the game designers’ websites, and does not reflect my own opinion.


What are “engaged games”?

Engaged games are games that attempt to address a socio-political question, or, if you’ll excuse the cheesiness, attempt to make the world a slightly better place by provocation, discussion or understanding. Their inclusion here, however, isn’t a statement of their success, many of them fail, are only partially successful or end up being problematic in one way or another. That doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from them, however.

If you have a problem with a game being here, please contact me, I might not remove it but I’d be happy to discuss it, and perhaps mark the entry with your concerns.


Why X isn’t on this website?

Maybe I haven’t heard about it (drop me a message), or maybe I don’t feel it fits Hearts & Clubs’ editorial policy.


What is the editorial policy?

It’s still blurry but here are a few examples of what I (probably) won’t include on this website:

  • Mere simulations: depicting our world with accuracy isn’t enough. (e.g. A Distant Plain)
  •  Cynical Games: while satire might be provocative, pure cynicism isn’t what I’m interested in. (e.g. Junta)
  • Harmful Games: They’re quite the opposite of what I’m documenting here (e.g. Cards Against Humanity)
  • Purely educational Games: there’s a difference between learning maths and learning about an oppressive system.
  • Early Prototypes: While prototypes are welcome, a certain level of polish is still required.
  • Games I don’t agree with: I’m a human being with my own bias and beliefs, and I’m not interested in the idea of objectivity with regards to this site.


Who am I?

I’m Pierre Corbinais, I also document alternative controllers on Shake That Button and curate video games on Oujevipo.