Pass work off to your opponents and fib your way up the corporate ladder in this satirical bluffing card game! Get rid of the tasks in your hand to get promotions and level up, all the way until you reach the top and become the C.E.O.!

In « Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management, » players act as corporate employees who each have Tasks to do, Departments that determine their ability to complete Tasks, and a Level which indicates their job title. Players take turns as the Delegator, trying to get rid of all the Tasks in their hand by completing them one-at-a-time themselves, or by passing them off to their opponents for optimal efficiency. Players can bluff about whether they are in the proper Department to take a Delegator’s Task, but be careful! If the Delegator believes a player is bluffing, they can call HR, which could have dire consequences.

This lightweight card game is both comedic and strategic. If you’re great at forcing other people to do your work for you, you’ll be C.E.O. before you know it!

Created by: Carol Mertz

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